This is for the man who is fed up with how life is going right now. You’re successful - yes, you seem to have all your ducks in a row - yes, on paper it looks like you have life figured out - yes.

Then what’s missing?

Your connecting to who you are, your connection to your body, nervous system, deep seeded beliefs and true enjoyment of the person you are now.

We can’t have it all until we take the steps to get there deep within ourselves. It takes work - are you willing to get there?


VIP Immersions are highly customized and include but are not limited to the following:

Sensory Embodiment

Functional Non Linear Movement



Intuition Building Activities


Philosophy of the Embodied Man

Trigger Analysis

Organic Food

Exposure to the unknown


The question isn’t when, the question is how long are you willing to stay in the repetitive hamster wheel you’re in right now.

You’re successful yes, but are you truly satisfied with who you see when you look in the mirror?

I’m located in San Diego but the point of this immersion is to take you out of your comfort zone to experience life on a completely different level.

Immersions can be held in San Diego, Mexico, Bali etc. All it is, is a plane ticket, you, me, and the change you’re willing to step into. If there is travel involved this will be included in your investment.


Your investment is your investment not only in yourself but in the present and future of who you want to step into and become. It’s an investment for those around you who look up to you as a friend, CEO, brother, father, husband… an example of how a man can actually show up fully for himself first then those around him.

This varies depending on the location you choose.

How Much

Interested in a VIP Immersion? Let’s jump on a call and see if it’s the right fit!