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My mission is to teach you that your body is just as important as your mind and it’s our duty as women to create a life in which we can be present with and fully engage.

My goal is to show you that you are the source of your entire experience and no matter what is going on externally, your internal is so solid and integrated that you are unshakable. 

We get told how to “be” and “behave” and what we “should do” - you know what I say? 

Fuck it.  I am a HUNTRESS, I cultivate my own wholeness, I choose who I am, I decide what I’ll allow in my life or how I’ll be treated and…I do it with respect and grace. My body is my body, my mind is my mind, my desires are my desires - I am perfectly imperfect and I’m proud of it. 


To build the world’s most influential community of strong sensual women who lead with prowess and grace.