From Self-Mastery to Embodiment HUNTRESSCoterie is your answer.

We are all on the HUNT for something greater, something to live for, something that fills us up more than we can imagine. 

We forget that our mind is connected to our bodies and the relationship with your physical body dictates almost everything in our world, whether we’re aware of it or not. 

In HUNTRESS we tap into this awareness so you, as a woman, as the Lioness who HUNTS down what she wants and GOES after it, can have the tools and resources you need to stretch, expand and see new possibilities.  

There is a place within yourself where you can fearlessly face your biggest challenges, exceed past limits, let go of expectations, live the life you truly desire and be exactly who you are with no hesitation. It just takes some time and practice to get there and that’s where HUNTRESSCoterie comes in.

From Masterclasses, VIP 1:1 Immersions and the community of Coterie you are supported along your path. 

YOU learn to fearlessly face any challenge and you have a pack of Lionesses watching your back, helping you when you stumble, championing you when you win. 

We’re not made to do it alone, we’re made to do it together and together is where we stand.

Are you ready to become a HUNTRESS?

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a couple steps you can take now to get started on your journey!


Why is Embodiment So Important?

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Who is Kirsten

Kirsten Asher is a former stunt woman, dancer and visionary behind HUNTRESSCoterie specializing in women’s leadership, movement, vitality and community. She is the creator and facilitator of HUNTRESS Masterclasses, Immersions, Coterie and Vice President of, a non-profit for girls providing sponsorship to educational programs and community to find their power, purpose and inner wisdom.

Her work with HUNTRESSCoterie promotes self growth, mentorship, camaraderie and expansion. A strong network of women creates engagement, desire to improve and higher satisfaction in life. We get to feel good, go after what we want and be the driving feminine force in our own destiny.

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